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10 childhood snacks millennials loved

Growing up was fun for millennials, and a big part of the fun was the incredible variety of snacks that filled our lunch boxes and pockets. Remember the excitement of ripping open a fresh pack of Robo or unwrapping a sweet treat after school? The snacks of our childhood were more than just a sweet tooth satisfaction – they were a source of joy, comfort, and nostalgia. Whether we were satisfying our after-school cravings or quelling hunger, snacks played a major role in our daily routines.

But let us be real, who did not get into trouble for sneaking a snack during class or at the assembly? The rustling of wrappers, the crunch, and the sweet aroma of these treats often gave us away, earning us a stern glance from our teachers and sometimes a stroke or two.

And who can forget the thrill of saving up our lunch money until “closing time” so we could enjoy the walk back home with friends, snacking on our favorite treats and reliving the day’s adventures?

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Here are 10 childhood snacks millennials loved and maybe still crave today.

Goody goody

Back then, Goddy Goddy cost only N10, and many of us got into trouble for eating it during class, even during assembly. It was the best chocolate for kids at that time.

Robo Robo

Robo Robo, the affordable alternative to M&Ms, was a childhood favorite. We even got creative and used them to add a splash of color to our lips.


This creamy chocolate mix came with its own little spoon, making it a delightful treat for kids. Most of us would savor one part first and then the other. The best part? The pack and spoon were rarely thrown away, we loved reusing them for our meals and snacks.

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Telephone juice

Telephone Juice was the ultimate treat. It was not just about the refreshing drink, it also came with a fun toy, making it a double delight. We loved sipping on the juice and then playing with the toy, making it a must-have for any child.

Speedy biscuit

This chocolate biscuit was an absolute favorite among kids. What made it extra special was the excitement of finding two or more biscuits joined together in one pack. We would carefully set those aside, enjoying them after relishing all the single ones. Some of us even got creative, adding milk to the biscuits to create our own cereal.

Pako biscuit

This was not just a snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. It was a lifesaver on days when you needed something to stave off hunger after spending your lunch money.

Ekana Gowon

This affordable candy’s unique cone shape made it a standout treat. Fun to hold and eat, its sweetness and simplicity brought joy to our young hearts.

Baba Dudu

Baba Dudu, a tasty and addictive coconut candy, was a childhood obsession. It’s distinctive dark brown color and nutty flavor made it a standout treat, and its widespread availability in neighborhood stores made it a go-to snack for many children.


Alewa was a childhood favorite that brought fun to the playground. It’s bright colors, sweet taste, and temporary tongue-coloring trick made it a hit with kids.

Choco Milo

While we were not sure if this was our classic Milo powder turned into cubes, we were more than excited to enjoy this snack. We even went as far as pretending to be our mothers while in the kitchen unwrapping a seasoning cube or “Maggi” as we call them.