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8 steps to your Nigerian wedding on a 500k budget

It can be difficult to plan a Nigerian wedding on a one million naira budget, but it is doable with careful planning and prioritisation. Consider organising the wedding on your own or with family and friends’ assistance. Here’s are the things to look at:


First think about accessible locations like the compound of the church where the wedding would hold, gardens or community centres, since the rainy season is almost over this should work or you can get an affordable hall if you want something enclosed. Whichever you choose, you can use easy or do-it-yourself décor or get an affordable decorator. Budget for this can be 200,000 naira

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A lot of people feel obliged to invite everyone they know to their big day, it’s cool, but since you are on a budget, ensure you have a guest list, only invite immediate family and close friends, understand that you cannot please everybody and that there is life after the wedding. To save money on printing, you can opt for digital invites.

Food and Drinks/entertainment

This is where people spend most, since you are not expecting so many people, it becomes easier to cater for them. To cut expenses, provide a family-style dinner or buffet. If you have 100 guests, you can budget 150,000 naira for food and drinks A friend can serve as the MC and you can select a local DJ this can cost 30,000 naira


Seek out reasonably priced bridal gowns and outfits. There are nice and affordable bridal wears and accessories available for rent.This can cost 50,000

Wedding Cake

Rather than a large cake, go for cupcakes. Even a dummy cake is not cheap. So cupcake works or better still, a one-tier cake. Something nice can be done with 40,000 naira


Ask a creative buddy for assistance and tip them as there are smartphones that can provide very good image and video quality or work with a low-cost photographer.

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Souvenirs – What’s a Nigerian wedding without souvenirs right? Good thing is there are variety of affordable items to choose from. Avoid purchasing pricey ones. This can be handled with 15,000 naira


If you must do this, arrange a budget-friendly, low-key local honeymoon or better still postpone it to a more comfortable time.

Don’t forget to divide your budget according to you and your partner’s priorities. Making the most of your 500,000 naira budget would be made possible by your flexibility and inventiveness.

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