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Abuja SMEs receive grant, mentorship from non-profit organisation

In a bid to end the circle of poverty and to close the unemployment gap in Nigeria, The Leader Team, a nonprofit organisation, has provided empowerment and mentoring initiatives to help small-scale businesses grow.

The empowerment, which comes as an asset grant, is expected to help the entrepreneurs to upscale production, provide efficiency and create more job opportunities.

William Karshima, country representative, The Leader Team Nigeria & United States of America, during the award ceremony held in Abuja, noted that 44 businesses have been empowered by the organisation since 2022.

He said annually, the organisation undergoes a seven-month intensive leadership and business training where mentees are equipped with knowledge and skills such as Financial Management, Strategic Plan, Growth Plan, Social Impact etc. They are also supported with grants and other growth opportunities.

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“The mentees at the end of the program are expected to present a business plan of what their business needs to grow to the next level.

“This year, at least 25 small scale businesses have been empowered. The program which started last year with at least 19 small scale business owners benefiting, is rounding up the program for the year. It also plans to empower another 25 businesses next year,” he explained

Shiloh Karishma, executive director, the Leaders Team, in her remarks said with at least 133 million Nigerians currently living in multidimensional abject poverty, the solution is directly linked to empowering leaders of integrity and creating long-term sustainable jobs for all.

“The organisation also trains and supports for-profit businesses as well who want to increase their social impact bottom line. They also support and collaborate with other organisations and NGOs doing good work in Nigeria,” she added.

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