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‘Africa-focussed ESG framework will drive business sustainable growth’

Building an Africa-focused environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) framework that will help companies to meaningfully measure how they are performing will drive business growth, experts at ETK ConnectXperience said.

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Speaking at the event held in Lagos, Bolaji Sofoluwe, group managing director, ETK Group, said the new framework has been developed for assessing companies using a series of guided questions and assessments.

She added that “while none of the existing frameworks have implemented a scoring system, “we intend to align ourselves with best practice so that the scoring system will be reflective of what is adopted internationally”.

Brent Barnette, operations director at ETK Group, also spoke about the importance of an Africa-focussed ESG approach as he highlighted a range of services that could drive better results for businesses, including a variety of baseline assessments such as materiality, risk and impact of supply chain challenges, as well as strategy development, implementation of mitigation and adaptation plans and other services to ensure meaningful results for businesses.

The event also explored the need for managed services solutions to support businesses and entrepreneurs to successfully run their operations while they are temporarily or permanently away from the country their businesses are located in.

ETK Group is a market expansion, trade, and development consultancy provider positioned to contribute to the growth of the African business market by bringing great business opportunities from around the world.

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The ETK ConnectXperience was ETK Group’s second event in Nigeria and it presented various partnership and networking opportunities to enhance businesses’ competitive edge and fuel their growth in the global marketplace.

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