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Akpabio’s wife has no office in National Assembly – Eyiboh

Eseme Eyiboh, the special adviser on media and publicity to Godswill Akpabio, president of the Senate, has debunked a media report that an office has been created for Ekaette Akpabio, the wife of the Senate president, in the National Assembly.

Noting that the story ordinarily should not have attracted a reaction on account of its illogicality, Eyiboh pointed out that the framework of the story showed that the story was essentially built to malign and disparage the Senate president.

“A story of 20 paragraphs on the creation of an imaginary office for the wife of the Senate President uses three paragraphs on the unfounded issue and the remaining 17 paragraphs to recitation of unrelated fables and other innuendo,” Eyiboh said.

Continuing, the Senate president’s spokesperson said: “For emphasis to the unguarded who may be prone to fake news merchandise, Ekaette Unoma Akpabio has no office in the National Assembly and there is no intention towards that.

“Her only relationship with the National Assembly is that her husband is the president of the Senate and by virtue of that as with his predecessors, she is president of the Senators’ Wives Association of Nigeria, SWAN,” he said.

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