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Al-Makura calls for unity among warring Nasarawa APC factions say its key to success

Former Governor and leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nasarawa State, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has urged members of the party in Nasarawa State to refrain from spreading rumours and emphasised the importance of unity within the party.

During his address at the reception held in honour of the state party chairman, Hon. Aliyu Bello, Al-Makura cautioned that the party’s success hinged on the solidarity of its members, who must come together as a united family if they have genuine love for both the state and the party.

“I call on us to please continue to work together. Let’s avoid rumour-mongering; let’s avoid anything that will bring disunity amongst ourselves.

“We have been together, we are together, and if we love this state, if we love this party, we should continue to be together as one strong, united family,” he said.

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He also praised the leadership approach of the APC chairman, commending Bello’s extensive experience in politics and administration.

He highlighted Bello’s significant contributions to the party’s progress and development, emphasising that having someone of Aliyu Bello’s calibre at this stage of the party’s growth is fortunate.

Al-Makura described Bello as a unifying presence within the party, pointing to his philanthropic efforts as a means to gain support from various sectors of Nasarawa State.

“Starting during student life and when he got into the party mainstream, he has always participated as an insider, a team player, and a very faithful friend to all and sundry. To add all, his philanthropic activities will be a plus for his position as the Chairman because it will galvanise support across the board for our party.

“Aliyu Bello has been an engine room for many political activities. With the coming of the APC, Aliyu Bello now became the engine room of the APC in Nasarawa State,” he added.

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