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Bnxn unveils album featuring Headie One, Tuface, and Popcaan collaborations

On a night filled with musical enchantment, Daniel Benson popularly known as Bnxn, an Afrobeats artist, hosts fans and supporters at his exclusive album listening party, courtesy of Empire Distribution Inc. The event took place at the scenic Good Beach in Oniru V.I Lagos, drawing an eclectic mix of devoted supporters.

Bnxn, who arrived with an air of anticipation, shared that his latest 15-song album holds a special place in his heart. As the beats flowed through the headsets, the audience was treated to a musical journey like no other.

The album, showcasing a fusion of Pijin and English, opened with “Pijin and English,” produced by none other than the talented Sarz. An acoustic rhythm introduced by Nasri, the lead singer of Magic, set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

“Maximum Damage” followed suit, a fast-paced Afrobeat track graced with the lyrical prowess of Headie One, a London-based rapper hailing from the UK, and Nigerian rap sensation. Their collaboration injected vibrant energy into the album.

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One standout track, “Realized,” featured the young and gifted singer Taves, who recently turned 20. Originally Tim’s song, it was seamlessly integrated into the album, highlighting the promising talent of Taves, as acknowledged by Bnxn himself.

“Regret” brought together two generations of stars as Tuface lent his unmistakable vocals to the track, masterfully produced by Blaise. The result was a soothing harmony that transcended time.

“Right Energy,” a last-minute creation produced by ATG, combined English and Yoruba vocals, showcasing Bnxn’s versatility and creativity.

“Party Don’t Stop,” produced by Leriq and crafted in 2020, provided a unique twist as Bnxn ventured into the realm of house music, reminiscent of Post Malone’s Circle album.

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The album’s opener, “My Life,” produced by Denzel, painted a poignant picture of Bnxn’s personal journey. “Say My Name” drew inspiration from Lagos’ popular primary school rhymes, with production by Tempoe, a graduate of the Sarz academy.

The album also featured tracks like “Toxic” produced by Guilty Beats, “Best of Me,” “Mukulu,” “Pray,” and concluded with a bang with “Final Answers,” where Bnxn collaborated with the international sensation Popcaan, an American Jamaican rapper.

Bnxn’s album listening party was a testament to his musical evolution, blending diverse influences and talents into a cohesive masterpiece that left everyone eagerly anticipating its official release. The night was a true celebration of artistry, diversity, and musical innovation.

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