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BusinessDay, Bridge Synergy host stakeholders on SDG financing today

BusinessDay Media Limited is partnering with Bridge Synergy to examine funding for high-impact Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) projects at a breakfast meeting on Thursday (today) in Abuja.

The event, which will bring together major players in Nigeria’s economic landscape, is expected to provide opportunities for tackling socio-economic challenges.

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The meeting will attempt to unpack SDG financing needs and outlook for the country.

Mohammed Bago, governor of Niger State, a keynote speaker, is expected to dwell on understanding the landscape, the socio-economic challenges at the state level, from education, healthcare, as well as infrastructure and innovation.

Lamin Barrow, director-general, African Development Bank, will speak on the role of African Development Bank in catalysing funding for high-impact SDG projects.

Ure Utah, chief executive of Bridge Synergy, will speak on ‘Mission – bridging the SDG financing ecosystem for Nigeria’.

Christoph Schwager, chairman and CEO of Hydreatio Holding and chairman of Kardia Group, will examine European insights on the SDG financing landscape, opportunities, challenges, and prospects from the viewpoint of European investors and stakeholders.

He will also provide insight into ” Pioneering Funding Mechanisms from a European Lens: providing insights into how these models can be adapted and integrated into the Nigerian context”

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Terseer Ugbor, a member of the House of Representatives; Edu Okeke, managing director, Azura Power West Africa; and Aminu Umar-Sadiq, CEO, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, are also expected to provide perspectives of government funding for poverty eradication and infrastructure.

The breakfast meeting will also provide roadmap for actions, policies and commitments aimed at accelerating progress towards the SDGs and delivering the breakthroughs needed to transform the world by 2030.

It is expected that political leaders and all stakeholders will step up efforts to drive the transformation needed to deliver the goals and make a positive difference for the future.

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