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CrusaderSterling Pensions records growth in fund price, returns mid-year

Pension Fund Administrator (PFA), CrusaderSterling Pensions (CPL) has recorded an impressive upward trend in Retirement Savings Account (RSA) Fund price and returns for the first half of the year ending 30th June 2023.

“We have consistently achieved new milestones in RSA Fund Price and Returns for all RSA Funds (Funds I to VI), and his achievement not only reflects CPL’s dedication to excellence but also brings significant value to our valued customers, the PFA said in a statement.

RSA Fund 1 price grew from 1.7171 at the end of the 2022 full year to 1.8485 at the end of the first half of 2023, with annualised returns to date standing at 7.65 percent.

This is as Fund 11 price also grew to 7.488 at mid-year 2023, from 6.6891 at the of 2023, with annualised returns to date standing 11.82 percent; Fund 111 rose from 1.741 to 1.908; Fund 1V 4.9773 to 5.4053; Fund V 1.2034 to 1.2737, while Fund VI grew from 1.0499 at the end of 2022 full year to 1.1645 at mid-year 2023.

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On what RSA Fund Price and Return performance mean for you and how can it positively affect your financial journey and retirement plan, CrusaderSterling Pensions explains that by consistently optimising investments across asset classes, CPL’s fund price has consistently improved overtime ensuring that your investment with CPL enjoys steady growth.

“ A good fund price provides a rewarding retirement income, which also improves clients’ purchasing power. Additionally, a favourable fund price protects your investment against inflation and other macroeconomic factors. You are also able to leave a good inheritance for your beneficiaries upon demise. Overall, a good fund price is largely beneficial to you as it provides financial stability and enhances your standard of living at retirement.”

“Achieving high RSA return rates is a testament to CPL’s commitment to helping you create wealth for retirement. Higher returns on your RSA funds’ investments mean that you can accomplish your retirement financial goals sooner. Whether you aspire to buy a dream home, or enjoy a comfortable retirement, CPL’s RSA fund performance ensures that your investment is being optimized, providing the necessary foundation for your desired financial aspirations at retirement.”

“At CrusaderSterling Pensions, our dedicated team of financial experts continuously analyse market trends, identify high-yielding opportunities, and implement effective investment strategies to optimise returns on your RSA investment. By choosing CPL’s services, you benefit from our expertise and the potential to achieve impressive financial growth over time. With our promising RSA Fund Price and Returns, you can entrust your RSA funds to us with confidence, knowing that your money is in capable hands.”

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