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Fintiri tasks new advisers on creative solutions

The Adamawa state Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has inaugurated special advisers urging them to come up with innovative solutions and offer solutions to problems to help move the state forward.

While welcoming them to the fresh air team, he charged them to be good ambassadors of the fresh air movement and help in revamping the fortunes of the state.

Gov. Fintiri made this known at the inauguration ceremony of his special Advisers and Special Assistants, at government house, over the weekend in Yola, Adamawa state.

Gov Fintiri said, “The appointments are part of the routine exercise to reinvigorate the machinery of government for more effective service delivery. It is hinged on competence, grassroots recommendation, loyalty and above all appreciation.

“It is only an ungrateful commander that abandons his troop ones a battle is won. We went to the battle to continue delivering good governance to the people of Adamawa State together; we were in the trenches together; we swatted away the bullets of vicious attacks together, most of you spent long hours traversing the nooks and crannies of this State together with me; most of you took political arrows on my behalf. It is therefore, only fitting, we bring some of you with the competence and the right experience to join us, and work for the continuation of the peace, growth and transformation of our State in line with our reloaded 8 Point Agenda where no one is left behind and nothing is left untouched.”

The fresh air governor admonished his advisers saying, “with the oath you took, you have just joined the fresh air team. you are expected to demonstrate a high sense of responsibility and decorum in taking right decisions that are in the best interest of our state in all matters that shall be brought before you. you are expected to deploy your wealth of experience in the discharge of your new responsibilities.

“as special advisers, you should have it at the back of your minds that the entire state is your constituency. you must treat everyone with fairness and address issues broadmindedly. you should work in synergy with the commissioners, the bureaucracy and other relevant bodies to achieve the common objective of effective service delivery to our people

“at this point, i must quickly add that as special advisers, you are appointed to give the right counsel. don’t come to me with gossips; come to me with value. don’t come to me complaining about the problems; come to me with solutions. don’t come to me with lamentations; come to me with results

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“our people and indeed the state, desire and deserve nothing short of tangible results that endure. They want fast results in ensuring food security through agricultural revolution we have promised to ignite. they are waiting for us to continue to connect the dots in the rural areas, by bringing massive development in those areas and change the narratives and circumstance of our rural dwellers

“They are looking forward to seeing more expansions in our infrastructure. we owe our children the best public funded education possible. most of us here, are products of public schools, we must continue to invest heavily in both the physical structures and the quality of learning, so our children would be competitive and equipped with the right skills-set. we owe them the continuous joy of living in a safe and secure state dedicated to ensuring continuous peace and security of lives and properties in both the urban and rural area.

“let me firmly state here that, all political appointees must go back and stimulate rural developments in your respective communities. you must let the people feel the impact of governance.

“Governance starts at the grassroots, you must be a symbol of government in your local government and ward levels, and must engage your people regularly. work with your local government council chairmen to ensure this happens. we will monitor this closely. the council chairmen should note that they must accord you the right cooperation

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“This government is determined to expand development in our rural areas, we must grow our people and ignite in them a spirit of hard work and a sense of responsibilities

“Our youths must be engaged so we can stem a culture of entitlement, without corresponding work, which as you all know, is alien to us, but which, sadly appears to have been internalized. our people are exceptionally gifted and all we need, is to galvanize them towards productive enterprises.”

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