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Fostering marketplace for Nigerian products: Meet Women of Herconomy exhibiting at FITCC, Houston

Women continue to play key roles in facilitate connections between Nigerian exporters and international buyers.

Empowering women-led businesses is essential for economic growth and progress as the role of women entrepreneurs and women owned businesses in supply chains and in society has gained even greater importance.

With a dedication that lies in shaping a brighter economic future for women and women-owned enterprises, Herconomy, understands that the empowerment of businesses led by women is pivotal for fostering economic advancement and growth and has partnered Fidelity for their upcoming trade expo FITCC.

Fidelity International Trade & Creative Connect (FITCC) is a worldwide platform dedicated to facilitating connections between Nigerian exporters and international buyers.

Its goal is to drive the integration of Nigerian enterprises into global supply chain networks through strategic partnerships and foreign direct investments (FDIs), thereby fostering a vibrant marketplace for Nigerian products and services.

The expo provides a platform to address pressing issues that impact the competitiveness of Nigerian exports in the U.S., and offer practical and effective solutions.

Herconomy has selected some of its community members to take part therein, as FITCC Houston is an opportunity to connect the Herconomy ladies with potential investors, as well as customers.

This year’s edition is slated to be held in Houston Texas, United States at the prestigious George R. Brown Convention Center, from 24th-25th October 2023.
Herconomy is collaborating with Fidelity Bank at the second edition of the Fidelity International Trade & Creative Connect (FITCC) by selecting Herconomy members to be a part of the expo. The event is a testament to the shared commitment to gender diversity and economic empowerment of both brands.

These dynamic trailblazers aren’t merely changing the landscape; they’re crafting entirely new paradigms.

Founded by Joycee Awosika, ORIKI is an Agro-Beauty farm-to-skin brand that masterfully harnesses the finest natural ingredients and age-old skincare wisdom from Africa, the world’s most abundant resource-rich continent. Over the years, ORIKI group has created 10 wellness spas and has seven subsidiaries. Among them, UNWIND by ORIKI takes centre stage as a trailblazer in the wellness arena, akin to the Uber of wellness. Through an innovative mobile app, UNWIND seamlessly delivers on-demand wellness services, ensuring relaxation and rejuvenation are always just a tap away.
Joycee Awosika is an entrepreneur, economist and power sector specialist. She is an alumnus of the prestigious World Economic Forum Global Shapers and has earned recognition as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women.

2. Zephans and Co
Zephans and Co is founded by Nkiru Achukwu Ayemere and stands as a beacon of contemporary fashion in Africa, synonymous with elegance, quality, and empowerment. For over seven years, they have been dedicated to reshaping the fashion landscape, one meticulously crafted piece at a time.
Nkiru Achukwu Ayemere has given life to a brand that seamlessly blends African aesthetics with modern design. Her creations are a vivid testament to her commitment to preserving and promoting African culture through fashion.

3. Nuban Beauty
Founded by Stella Ndekile, Nuban Beauty, with its inclusive range of makeup products, is the brainchild of a remarkable woman who believes that beauty should have no boundaries. Their mission is to ensure that every shade, tone, and hue feels represented in cosmetics.
Stella Ndekile is a beauty entrepreneur, a certified cosmetologist and the Author of the book “Success Uncharted” With over 12 years of experience across different roles, Stella has developed expertise in management, digital marketing, public speaking and project analysis. She also holds a business degree from the Lagos Business School and is a certified cosmetologist.

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4. Dtclothings
DT Clothing is founded by Damilola Odutola. It is dynamic and culturally rich fashion brand that draws inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Nigeria. With an artistic touch and a contemporary outlook.
Their designs are a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity, paying homage to the rich and diverse culture of Nigeria. Each piece tells a story, not only of fashion but of the enduring spirit and creativity of our people.

Damilola Odutola, the visionary behind DTClothings, a leading fast fashion female ready-to-wear brand, is rewriting the fashion narrative. Armed with a background in international law and diplomacy from Babcock University, Damilola’s journey into fashion started at a young age. Over the course of 9 years, she has transformed that love into a multimillion-dollar female fashion brand.

Today, DTClothings stands as a testament to Damilola’s dedication, creativity, and ability to turn dreams into reality. With her at the helm, the brand continues to set trends, creating fashion that empowers women and captivates the world

5. Cape Soul
Founded by Osaru Alesha Alile, Cape Soul is an ethically conscious fashion brand. This brand design showcases her commitment to sustainability, ensuring every piece is not only fashionable but eco-friendly.

With over 20 years of experience in the design industry, Osaru Alesha Alile’s work cuts across multiple sectors with a focused mixed-used development. Osaru’s touch however expands beyond interior designs as she plays a dynamic role in fashion retail with a motivation to tell African stories through unique designs and prints.

6. Uncover Skincare:
Uncover Skincare, is on a mission to address diverse skincare concerns with its line of products. They are a community-built skincare brand that stands as a testament to quality, inclusivity, and radiant beauty for all. The founders are Sneha mehata, Jade Oyateru and Catherine Lee.

7. Ziva Lagos
Ziva Lagos is a ready-to-wear fashion brand founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2016 by Tania Omotayo. The brand was founded with a mission to become the market leader in delivering fast fashion to women across Africa at affordable prices. Ziva Lagos is also dedicated to boosting the Nigerian trade and labour market.

Ziva is Founded by Tania Omotayo, who is a model, actor, event host and entrepreneur. She studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta where she got a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. Upon her return to Nigeria, she worked in a media and public relations firm in Lagos while she also pursued her modelling and acting career. She later started Ziva Lagos, a ready-to-wear fashion brand that caters to the modern Nigerian woman. In 2018, Forbes Africa listed her among 30 persons under the age of 30 for being creative.

8. Hookedbylade

Hookedbylade is a brand that specializes in crochet designs, offering unique and handmade fashion pieces. Bolade Mayowa’s talent shines through her intricate creations.

Founded by Mayowa Bolade Kolade, the 28-year-old architecture graduate of the Federal University of Technology Akure runs one of Nigeria’s leading crochet brands that thrive on sustainable and eco-friendly materials, Bolade who worked as a commercial estimator for a Dallas-based company, revealed that her support system was one of the driving forces for launching her brand Hooked By Lade.

9. Mend Me:
MendMe! is a quality Hair Treatment brand that seeks to make your hair wearable over and over again by maintaining your hair health in its daily manageability, especially for those times when you do not have a professional stylist on speed dial in keeping with your daily hair care regimen.

Mend Me is founded by Oluwakemi Jolayemi, a visionary entrepreneur, who seamlessly blends her corporate banking expertise with a background in petroleum law. With UK certification in hand, she’s embarked on a journey into the haircare industry, crafting her unique line of hair care products. Her mission is to cater to everyone seeking to revive, restore, and maintain their hair, fostering a vibrant and healthy haircare lifestyle.

10. Herconomy
Founded by Ife Durosinmi-Etti, Herconomy serves as the unifying force for this exceptional collective; with an undeniable commitment and dedication to the empowerment of women in the realm of business. Each of these brands carry a distinct perspective and a narrative of ardor, and are all champions of their respective crafts and narrative. As they unite under the Herconomy banner at FITCC Houston, they stand as a testament to the incredible talent and creativity that women infuse into the worlds of fashion, beauty, and commerce.

These women aren’t merely showcasing their brands; they are epitomizing the sheer force of determination, creativity, and the indomitable strength of women in the business sphere.

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