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Home » Glenfiddich unveils limited Sleeves Edition: A tribute to Nigeria’s Independence

Glenfiddich unveils limited Sleeves Edition: A tribute to Nigeria’s Independence

Lagos witnessed the fusion of the past, present, and future of entertainment on Sunday, October 1st, 2023 as scotch whisky, Glenfiddich put together a stunning event to unveil custom limited edition sleeves created in celebration of Nigeria’s Independence and the beautiful collaboration between Glenfiddich and the mavericks: Mr Eazi, Nancy Isime, and M.I “The Guy” — three individuals in constant pursuit of #Bold Futures.

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The event, according to a statement opened up with a pulsating performance from African-themed dancers that paid homage to Nigeria’s cultural heritage. Uwana Udobang, the sensational host, took over the night setting the tone for a night dedicated to celebrating futuristic ambitions, liberating perspectives, and the three emboldened individuals that push the limits and never stop asking, “Where Next?”

Friends of the mavericks and the brand enjoyed the decanters of the Limited Edition Collection of Glenfiddich 12YO, 15YO, and 18YO. The night hit multiple high points with a masterfully curated fusion of alluring poetry from Bash Amueni, electrifying music delivered in perfect precision by Efik Zara and Ypick, and DJ-wizardry skillfully served by DJ Gigi Jazmin.

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The statement said the event reached new heights during the panel discussion with the three Mavericks led by the host — Uwana Udobang. Speaking on their dream of a Bold future for Nigeria, Mr. Eazi, Nancy Isime, and M.I. “The Guy” painted pictures of a country that is unhindered by tags from the global community and it is full of opportunities and prosperity for everyone.

Simi Drey, Ettim Effiong, Waje, Akah, Laycon, Bella and Shegz, Tola Odunsi, Enado, Ozee Mbadiwe, Osi Suave, Denike Balogun, and many mavericks from the creative industry, were present at the event lending a heightened sense of sophistication and excitement that pervaded even the after party.

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From arts to music, the Glenfiddich sleeve launch event celebrated not just individuals dedicated to creating #BoldFutures, but the increasing global recognition Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage is receiving from the impact these individuals have made. The event also celebrated the role technology has played and it is still playing in making Nigeria’s creative creations globally pervasive.

To #BoldFuturesNigeria and the unhindered spirit of every outstanding Maverick that challenges the odds to become a beacon of hope and an epitome of ingenuity that uncovers new layers, every path of the way; #ToBoldFutures.

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