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Group accredits firms, invites new members for background checks

A group known as Society for Professional Background Screeners (SPBS) says it accredited five leading companies in the background screening industry.

The accreditation, according to the group, underscores its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards in the background screening industry.

“Our purpose is clear and that is to minimise risk, uphold integrity, and establish the gold standard for background screening practices in Nigeria,”Kola Olugbodi, chairman of the group, said.

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“Compliance, adherence to regulations, and best practices are the cornerstones of sustainable corporate operations,” the chairman added.

Olugbodi anticipates a surge in its various categories of membership, including students, associates, certified professionals, fellows, and honorary memberships.

He welcomes active participation and support from individuals and organisations across all sectors as the group champions the cause of background checks in various segments of the economy.

According to him, SPBS, which is dedicated to industry development, is eager to establish partnerships at both national and international levels with like-minded organizations to advance background screening practices in Nigeria.

He said the group is ready to collaborate with governmental bodies to address pressing security concerns, ensuring a safer and more resilient country through background checks.

“The recent accreditation granted by SPBS to five leading companies across diverse sectors is a recognition of our steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards in background checks and related services,” he said.

Notable recipients of this prestigious accreditation include, Halogen Group, Risk Control Services Limited, Background Check International, Primex Background Check Limited, and Proton Security Services Limited.

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Since its inception, SPBS has expanded its reach, not only playing pivotal role in setting standards for pre-employment vetting but also ensuring the integrity of business partnerships, political processes, and community leadership, in addition to manpower development and certification of its members.

Potential members are encouraged to learn more about the group through its website and official social media channels.

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