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How LIFE Africa is empowering widows for a sustainable future

…holds empowerment Program for widows in Epe, Lagos

For Feyisara Adebanjo who became a widow 14 years ago, it’s been challenging raising her children since her husband’s passing.

Adebanjo who detailed the severe challenges she faced in supporting herself and her children since her husband’s passing, stated, “As a widow, I have been managing myself because my relatives don’t want anything to do with us, and finding a support system was challenging. Hearing about LIFE Africa’s outreach brought me happiness because I needed support to start a trade for my livelihood. I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me and my fellow widows. I appreciate the organizers for remembering and empowering us with these life-changing resources.”

Adebanjo’s story is similar to many others who recently benefited from the Linus Idahosa Foundation for Empowerment (LIFE) Africa outreach.

Many shared poignant stories of loss and expressed their gratitude to the foundation, having received means of livelihood.

The Linus Idahosa Foundation for Empowerment (LIFE) Africa, focused on its holistic commitment to fostering empowerment among widows and the well-being of marginalized communities, recently held an outreach program for widows in the Epe community of Lagos.

Several dignitaries, including Rafiu Babatunde Balogun, HRM Elenjinrin of Ejinrin Kingdom-Oba; Oba Kamorudeen Ishola Animashaun, The Oba Oloja of Epe Land; Larisa Miller, the Vice Chair of Del-York Group; Odafe Oweh, prominent NFL football players visiting from the United States, and Jesse Luketa attended the outreach.

Since its founding in 2009, LIFE Africa has been dedicated to empowering widows towards a sustainable future, reflecting our commitment as a social enterprise to make a long-term, sustainable impact.

With its legacy of support for vulnerable populations, our organization has developed comprehensive outreach programs that not only offer entrepreneurship training but also implement sustainable solutions designed to foster enduring change.

Through skill-building workshops, targeted programs, and enhanced access to resources, LIFE Africa has steadfastly improved the socioeconomic status of these women and their communities, embodying our mission to empower and uplift through practical and sustainable initiatives.

Over the course of the last several years, LIFE Africa has conducted outreach activations in Edo State, Abuja and other regions of Nigeria, empowering widows – particularly the widows of our military service members who valiantly lost their lives in service to our country, by providing commercial sewing machines, grinders and cooking burners, as was presented today in Epe, along with other tools and resources designed to elevate the income-earning prospects for these courageous women.

Linus Idahosa, founder of LIFE Africa, expressed empathy for these resilient women in society, remarking, “We cannot say we understand what it means to be in these women’s shoes. We understand, however, the fundamental role that husbands play for the family as leaders, providers, and protectors.

“LIFE Africa has committed itself to planting the seeds of change and empowerment for widows to alleviate the pressures that come with the absence of the husband and father figure in the home. We believe that by cultivating and developing skills, while providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment, these women can gain the power to sustain their livelihoods independently”.

He encouraged everyone to recognize the hardships faced by all widows and to provide them with the necessary support systems to flourish.

Speaking at the outreach, Rafiu Babatunde Balogun, the HRM Elenjinrin of Ejinrin Kingdom-Oba commended the LIFE Africa team for their generosity and commitment towards the empowerment of widows in Epe.

He commended the initiative as a pioneering effort in the region and encouraged the widows to effectively utilize the resources provided to them to support their families.

The LIFE Africa Widows Outreach program boasts esteemed partners like Nestle, Scrella, and Panthera Violet Limited. As LIFE Africa Foundation continues to expand its significant impact, the recent outreach in Epe, Lagos, is a testament to its commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Through collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships, LIFE Africa continues to forge narratives of hope, celebrating the resilient spirit of widows and driving sustainable development at the grassroots level.

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