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Intense Group unveils the first creative tech agency, Purple Stardust

Intense Group, the renowned 360 marketing, technology, and media consulting firm, today launches its subsidiary creative agency, Purple Stardust which is set to revolutionize the Creative and Advertising Industry. This futuristic venture marks a significant step towards reshaping the business and pop culture landscape through innovative and out-of-this-world ideas.

Purple Stardust, aims to bring an extraordinary perspective to creativity, with a commitment to use data-driven insights, pop culture knowledge and technology to create unique ideas and execution. The grand launch showcased a first of it’s kind experiential activity of an unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. This will be the first time a UFO is sighted in Nigeria so it had the Nigerians talking on various social media platforms and blog sites. They also released a 3D video which dubbed at the Dragon Board, Purple Maryland in Lagos, demonstrating the pure ingenuity that the Purple Stardust team will be bringing to creative and advertising world globally. Nigerians couldn’t resist sharing the video which immediately went viral and had garnered over 800 million views at the time of this report.


“Our approach ignites a transformative synergy that spawns solutions capable of delivering value to brands and businesses,” says CEO Leye Makanjuola. He strongly affirmed that Purple Stardust is a trailblazer which will use its unique vantage point – data, tech and pop culture – to craft strategies that are not only innovative but truly revolutionary.

“Purple Stardust is a movement. The goal is to infuse the industry with a new wave of imagination, data-centricity, and technological prowess, elevating brands beyond the confines of the ordinary,” he added.

Purple Stardust will provide marketing communications, brand strategy, creative design, brand activations, media buying, public relations and production services.

This brainchild of Intense Group, embodies the ethos of challenging the status quo. It aspires to spark a paradigm shift in how advertising is conceived, executed, and experienced by infiltrating the Nigerian advertising industry with its cosmic energy. Purple Stardust is poised to be a change agent, from out-of-this-world concept development to brilliant campaign execution.

About Intense Group:
Intense Group is a 360 marketing, technology, and media consulting firm known for its innovative strategies and groundbreaking campaigns. Its vision is to make every connection with its brand valuable, leaving clients delighted and making a measurable commercial impact on their business.

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