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Intercity transport fare for bus journeys raises 78.31% in April – NBS

The amount paid by passengers on intercity bus journeys increased by 78.31 percent from N3,994.51 in April 2023 to N7,122.57 in April 2024, according to the Transport Fare Watch for April 2024.

NBS stated that the average fare paid by commuters for bus journey intercity per drop was N7, 122.57 in April 2024, indicating a decline of 0.43 percent on a month-on-month basis compared to N7, 152.97 in March 2024.

The average fare paid by commuters for bus journeys within the city per drop declined to 0.16 percent from N969.32 in March 2024 to N967.76 in April 2024.

On a year-on-year basis, it rose by 49.32 percent from N648.12 in April 2023.

In air travel, the average fare paid by air passengers for specified routes single journey was N89,189.19 in April 2024, showing an increase of 0.25 percent compared to March 2024.

On a year-on-year basis, the fare rose by 19.00 percent from N74,947.30 in April 2023.

The average transport fare paid on Okada transportation was N476.49 in April 2024 which increased by 0.92 percent compared with N472.16 recorded in March 2024.

On a year-on-year basis, the fare increased by 3.07 percent compared with N462.29 paid in April 2023.

For water transport, the average fare paid by waterway passengers in April 2024 increased to N1,385.95 from N1,384.32, indicating a monthly increase of 0.12 percent.

On a year-on-year basis, it increased by 34.45 percent from N1,030.83 in April 2023.

On intercity bus travel, the highest fare paid per person was recorded in Anambra with N9,600.00, followed by Abia and Gombe with N8,300.00.

The lowest fare was recorded in Kwara with a person paying N5,500.00, followed by Ebonyi with N5,600.00. Taraba state recorded the highest bus journey within the city in April 2024 with N1,450.00 followed by Ondo with N1,200.00.

On the other hand, Abia recorded the lowest with N500.00, followed by Adamawa with N590.00. Similarly, Kano recorded the highest air transport charges with N96,500.00 paid for single journeys, followed by Ogun with N95,500.00.

Conversely, Abia recorded the lowest fare with N72,000.00, followed by Plateau with N80,000.00. Also, Lagos State had the highest motorcycle transport fare in April 2024 with N850.00, followed by Ondo with N700.00.

Niger, Bayelsa and Anambra recorded the lowest fare with N300.00, followed by Edo with N310.00. Similarly, water transport fare was highest in Bayelsa with N4,500.00, followed by Delta with N4,200.00, while the lowest fare was recorded in Borno with N460.00, followed by Gombe with N560.00.

For bus journey intercity, the South-South had the highest fare with N7,632.50 followed by the South-East with N7,370.00, while the North-Central recorded the lowest with N6,810.00.

Also, motorcycle commuters paid the highest fare in the South-West with N530.00 and North-East with N511.67, while the North-West recorded the lowest with N421.43.

The South-South zone had the highest fare on water transport with N3,525.00, followed by the South-West with N1,350.00, while the Northeast had the least with N770.00.

Air transportation in April 2024, the North-West recorded the highest fare with N92,128.57, followed by the Southwest with N92,033.33 while the North-Central had the least with N84,571.43.