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Israel vs Hamas: What’s the best way to resolve the conflict?

Abiodun Adeniyi, Deputy Dean of the Post Graduate School at Baze University Abuja, has proposed potential solutions to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

During a recent appearance on Arise TV, Adeniyi noted the need for both sides to seek a peaceful resolution.

As of Wednesday, October 11, 2023, an Israeli military representative reported that the death toll resulting from a surprise attack by Hamas militants on Israel has tragically climbed to 1,200 individuals, leaving at least 2,700 more with injuries.

Adeniyi, an expert in current affairs and a professor of Communications pointed out that both Israel and Palestine must acknowledge that in a war, neither side can claim to be right.

“The fight has been intractable for years. 75 years later and we are still talking about it. What they need to do in the immediate circumstance is just to sheath their swords and go to the round table,” he said.

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International intervention is also vital in addressing the crisis, Adeniyi noted, stating that the United Nations holds a key role in averting a humanitarian crisis”. The dire circumstances are exacerbated by factors such as water and electricity supply cuts, leading to increased suffering among the Palestinian population.

The ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict serves as a painful reminder that peace remains elusive in certain regions of the world.

“Each time you hear about the perennial problem of the Arab-Israeli conflict, it just reminds you of the fact that it’s a sore point in the world. …We have to understand that realities change, life is moving in phases, understand the contemporariness of Affairs, take the past as something that can be instructive but you cannot determine the presence only on the basis of the past,” he said.

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