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Kemi Lewis pitches Nigeria’s hair care industry to global market

Kemi Lewis, CEO of KL’s Naturals & Beauty Bar, was a featured speaker at the 2023 Natural Hair Industry Convention in Maryland, USA, where she made a case for US investment in Nigeria’s natural hair care industry.

The convention brought together experts, product developers, salon owners, wellness specialists, and business professionals in the natural hair industry to discuss emerging trends, innovations, and insights. According to recent data from Statista, the industry is currently worth $1.16 billion and is expected to grow at an impressive annual rate of 11.06% from 2023 to 2028.

In addition to speaking at the convention, Lewis also served as a guest instructor and panellist. She shared her extensive knowledge and innovative techniques, leaving a lasting impression on the global discussion surrounding natural hair care.

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“It was a tremendous honour to be recognized as a pioneer in the Nigerian beauty industry and to have the opportunity to share our journey and innovations with an international audience,” Lewis said. “This experience enriched our understanding of global trends and will undoubtedly enhance our ability to serve our esteemed clients.”

As a guest instructor, Lewis showcased some of KL’s Naturals & Beauty Bar’s techniques and their contributions to the world of natural hair care. Her presentation was a celebration of African heritage and a display of innovative approaches to natural hair care.

Attendees of the 2023 Natural Hair Industry Convention gained valuable knowledge about the latest developments in natural hair techniques, strategies for business growth, and maintaining healthy hair regimens.

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