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Kenya deports 7 Nigerians over fraud and drug trafficking charges

The Kenyan government has deported seven Nigerians over alleged involvement in drug trafficking, money laundering and online fraud.

The Immigration service identified five of them as Olayiwola Saheed Tunde, Nwosu Prince Chukwuebuka, Ajibade Adewale, Nwanonaku Alexander Odirachukwumma and Olayiwola Babatunde Akintomwawere.

They were arrested Monday on account of illegal residence in Kenya through fake passports and possession of counterfeit bills, and declared persona non grata, which renders them unwelcome in the country.

However, officials say that some deported foreigners had become a nuisance to the public and law enforcement and managed to sneak back into the country.

Kenya’s Immigration department identified Tunde, Adewale and Odirachukwumma as infamous drug trafficker in the country who had entered illegally. Another culprit, Akintomiwa, was charged with drug peddling and online online fraud.

The department said they found Chukwuebuka with $1 million in counterfeit bills, 11 fake Nigerian passports and 3 fake Kenyan passports.

The Immigration department expressed concern over the prevalent criminal activities of previously deported Nigerian nationals, revealing that despite the punishment vetted, the culprits enter neighbouring countries to continue their operations.

Just 2 weeks ago, Cambodia’s ministry of interior reported that thirty three Nigerians were deported from the country in connection to crimes committed last year.

In Kenya, authorities also worry about the women lured in to the crime, who also involve their children without considering the risk.

Police confirmed the arrest of two women with over 1.5 kilos of heroin with a street value of approximately 7.5 million shillings, a weighing scale and assorted packaging material.

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