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Kwara hoteliers protest, sues for downward review of electricity tariff

The Association of Hotel Owners in Kwara State on Tuesday staged a peaceful protest over the outrageous electricity tariff by the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC).

Dauda Akande, the President of the association alleged that in its recent upward review of its tariff, IBEDC outrageously and insensitively increased the tariff of its band A customers, under which many of the members fall, from N74 to N225 per unit.

“The company later effected a marginal downward review to N205 per unit. This afterthought marginal reduction is grossly inadequate and many of our businesses cannot survive this tariff hike under the prevailing economic downturn in our country,” he said.

Akande pointed out that if IBEDC fails to effect a substantial downward review of its tariffs, many businesses would collapse and there would be a high rate of joblessness and this would compound the current economic challenges of our dear country.

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The association, however, urged IBEDC to consider a substantial downward review of the electricity tariffs to prevent the imminent collapse of their businesses and job loss.

“We implore the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission to intervene without further delay to save our businesses and jobs,” he said.

In his response, Amos Ajanaku, the Head of Forum, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Ilorin said that the commission is aware of the grievances of the hoteliers.

He added that the forum will forward the letter of grievances submitted by the association to the office Headquarters in Abuja for further adjustments.

Members of the association carried placards with some inscriptions reading; “Capital No, to electricity tariff by IBEDC”, “Prevent Job loss”, and “Reduce the tariff”