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Meet Mobolaji Ajayi, entrepreneur using tech to deepen access to primary health care

Mobolaji Ajayi is the founder of Purelife Pharmacy, a health-tech startup providing primary healthcare services in Nigeria on a platform.

Her desire to build a platform where Nigerians can get quick access to healthcare, which is a huge bottleneck for increased life expectancy curated the startup.

According to her, “Witnessing the fragmented system and its effect on delivery of essential health needs prompted the need for me to get involved through provision of Primary Healthcare services on a pharmacy platform,” she said during an interview.

Purelife Pharmacy is an all-in-one pharmacy super app synergising the primary healthcare ecosystem by providing end users with offline and online options for health and wellness products, vaccinations, diagnostics, consulting with a medical specialist, custodial EMR, and delivery of medication.

Founded in 2021, Mobolaji has grew the multi-dollar pharmacy within a short period of time.

Whilst building this successful company, Mobolaji with her team are moving up the pharmaceutical supply chain ladder to tackle the issue with prevalence of counterfeit medicines by starting Transcend Pharma – utilising blockchain technology to provide safe and authentic pharmaceutical products across Africa to wholesalers, pharmaceutical retail chains, and other health partners.

The Purelife platform has over 100,000 users and has secured partnership with eleven(11) continental headliners in healthcare to further its mission all through Bootstrapping.

The health startup has also scaled its operation and reached 11 Nigerian states, with a plan to cover 20 more states in 2024, and have one (1) million users by 2025.

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“We are delivering a global standard for comprehensive, accessible, and affordable care” Mobolaji said.

Mobolaji who is a second time founder with eight years of experience around Management, Operations, Strategy and Healthcare Administration not just the face behind Purelife Pharmacy, she’s a visionary leader redefining the norms of healthcare accessibility.

Under her guidance, Purelife Pharmacy has become synonymous with innovation, efficiency, and a commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions.

“Pharmacies should be empowered to take off the burden of providing essential primary healthcare services like vaccinations, reducing the crowd at hospitals and improving health outcomes” she said.

She believes strongly that hospitals should focus on secondary and tertiary diseases research and treatment due to the large population of individuals and mortality rates in the country.

Her story serves as a testament and an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs across the continent, proving that innovative health tech solutions can emerge from Africa and make a global impact.

On how being the new face of burgeoning affordable synergised health care, Mobolaji said she envisions a future where healthcare is not a destination but a continuous journey.

She wants to keep pushing the boundaries of technology, explore new partnerships, and enhance the services offered by Purelife Pharmacy, ensuring that every Nigerian can live a healthier life.

“Looking into the future, we can only imagine the further advancements and positive impact Purelife Pharma will bring to the healthcare industry in Nigeria and beyond,” the healthcare founder said.

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