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Meet Oluwadamisi Ikutiminu, the dynamic music entrepreneur

Oluwadamisi Ikutiminu is a praise and worship leader, songwriter, and upcoming gospel artist. She has been the lead worship leader on various platforms over the years.

She is a versatile, creative, and arguably one of the most unique gospel artists currently in Africa’s most populous country. Oluwadamisi believes in the power of music and its ability to induce progressive and positive transformation in individuals.

“My song is unique in the sense that it encourages others in their walk with God. My music is inspirational,” she says.

She continually strives for excellence in music compositions and performances. In the process, she inspires, motivates and helps to raise a generation of people that thrive in spiritual development.

“To those who have condemned themselves, and lost hope thinking they can’t amount to anything in life. It is to encourage them so they can stir up their faith and call back their glory and destinies,” she explains. “My Music also draws souls to Christ,” she notes.

The young gospel artist has performed and ministered on several platforms across the country since the age of six and launched her first singles in August 2023.

According to her, she is currently working on an album that will be released soon. “I am currently working on my album at the moment.

The album is in progress. I am coming out with another song which is part of my album.”

She was inspired to become a gospel artist, owing to her passion for music and love for God. “I found out that it’s my calling and a ministry according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that’s why I took it as my career,” she says.

“It’s my love and passion and I derived so much Joy in God’s presence,” she adds.

With support from family and friends, Oluwadamisi was able to quickly discover her musical prowess. And with her love for God and her passion for singing, she wants to spread the message about the goodness of God.

Responding to questions about her study of music after discovering her talent, the young entrepreneur says her passion for music compelled her to utilize several musical training and seminars she attended to develop her musical talents.

She notes that she also listened to other inspirational songs from her mentors to develop her talent.

In evaluating the Nigerian music industry, she says 70 percent of the music in the industry is centered on beat and sound. “People only dance to the beat and enjoy the grooves. No concrete message as of the olden days.”

On her advice to other gospel artists, she says “Try and embrace one another, and come together as one voice in Christendom.”

“Sing spirit-filled songs with good composition and nice instrumentation, just like our music legends: Bola Are and Tope Alabi whose songs are evergreen till tomorrow,” she urges.

“So that, even when you leave, you would have left a better legacy for the next generation, and your works will live after you,” she advises.

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