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My focus is to empower youths, pioneer Change for Africa – Entrepreneur, Dominic Joshua

Dr. Dominic Joshua, a dynamic figure in the realms of business, philanthropy, and politics, is on a mission to redefine impact in Africa and the global community. With unwavering determination, he navigates challenges, turning them into opportunities to make a profound difference.

“Every endeavour I undertake is a step towards transforming lives in Africa and around the world,” asserts Dr. Joshua who doubles as Director and founder Dominic Joshua Foundation. “My commitment to effecting change knows no bounds, regardless of the obstacles I encounter. Through the help of God i have been able to reach out to less privileged kids in remote areas around my community and beyond”

From investment banking and fund management to agriculture, IT solutions, cybersecurity, and more, Dr. Joshua’s businesses span diverse sectors, showcasing a multifaceted approach to driving progress. “My ventures are a testament to my belief in creating opportunities that empower individuals and communities,” he adds.

He revealed that his journey from humble beginnings in Calabar South, Cross River State, serves as a testament to his unyielding spirit. “Growing up in challenging circumstances only fuelled my determination to forge a brighter future,” he reflects. “I knew that success was the only option, and I embraced every hardship as a stepping stone.”

Rooted in a family of entrepreneurs, he draws inspiration from his parents’ relentless pursuit of excellence in various sectors. “Their influence instilled in me the drive to push boundaries and shatter limitations,” he shares.

Early mentors, such as Robert Kiyosaki, provided invaluable guidance, shaping Dr. Joshua’s entrepreneurial philosophy. He looks up to Elon Musk as a visionary leader whose audacity and innovation continue to inspire.

“My vision is my driving force,” Dr. Joshua emphasizes. “It propels me to create businesses that address the ever-growing need for financial solutions in Africa and beyond.”

With a portfolio ranging from fintech products to real estate and fashion, his ventures are anchored in extensive research and an acute understanding of market demands. His success reached a pivotal juncture when he achieved a remarkable $5 million investment milestone, a moment of validation that his vision was destined for greatness.

While Dr. Joshua is a cerebral thinker and a dedicated scholar, he acknowledges the role of prayer in finding hidden wellsprings of inspiration. “Meditation, study, and spiritual reflection are all vital to my creative process,” he reveals.

In retrospect, he concedes a shift from emotional leadership towards a more strategic approach would have expedited his business journey. Nevertheless, he remains resolute in his pursuit of excellence.

With numerous awards and recognitions, his brand is synonymous with excellence and unwavering commitment to impact. “When you work with me, you’re guaranteed nothing short of excellence,” he affirms.

As Dr. Joshua looks to the future, he envisions the Black Rock Group of Companies as a beacon of progress for Africa, a testament to his unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter tomorrow.
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