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NAFDAC says Erisco tomato mix safe for consumption

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has endorsed Erisco’s Tomato mix as safe for consumption.

The Agency made this known while clarifying rumours regarding Erisco’s Tomato product.

Dismissing the rumours through its verified X handle (formerly Twitter) the Agency said: “The formulation of tomato paste and ketchup products with sugar is safe for consumption.

“Sugar is added to these products for a number of reasons, including but not limited to masking bitterness, enhancing colour and flavour, improving texture and taste consistency, and as a preservative.”

“The safety limits of sugar in food products are determined by NAFDAC, and only sugar-containing products within these safety limits are approved by NAFDAC.”

Similarly, Facebook critic, Chioma Egodi has issued an apology to Erisco Food Limited over her comments on the firm’s Tomato mix

In a formal apology letter to Erisco Food Limited, she expressed remorse for her audacious and malicious assault on their esteemed reputation.

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The letter, dated September 26, 2023, comes after Egodi expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of Erisco’s product on social media, claiming that their tomato paste was overly sweet and inferior to other brands.

In the apology letter, Egodi apologized to Erisco Foods Limited for her previous Facebook post about their product, Nagiko Tomato Mix.

She expressed regret for her actions and promised that such behaviour would not occur again. She also pledged to retract all her earlier posts on the matter without any coercion and promised to rectify any wrongs she had done.

“I sincerely wish to apologise to Erisco Foods Limited on the post I made on Facebook about their product Nagiko Tomatoes mix. I am truly sorry sir, I am sorry for the less concern of the product.

“I regret my actions, and wish to be forgiven. I pledge that this type of bad behaviour will never happen again. I undertake to retract my all my earlier post on this matter immediately, this is without any compulsion.

“I will do everything within my power to rectify all the thing I did wrong concerning the matter.

“Once again I am very sorry for the damage done to the company, it’s customers and the general public”, she said.

Meanwhile, Eric Umeofia, chief executive officer of Erisco Foods Limited, attributed the recent blackmail against his company to their advocacy for made-in-Nigeria goods.

He emphasized that Erisco’s investment in Nigeria is not driven by profit, but rather by a desire to create job opportunities for Nigerians.

Umeofia also stated that Erisco has been at the forefront of the made-in-Nigeria campaign and has been campaigning for people to support locally made products.

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