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NGO moves to tackle poverty, supports vulnerable Nigerians

As poverty continues to deepen in Africa’s most populous country amid accelerating inflation, the Initiative for the Alleviation of Vulnerable Persons from Poverty (IAVPP), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) has launched a food drive initiative to feed at least 200 households.

IAVPP has also partnered with Beacon Consulting, DME Group and Womennovate to work with vulnerable communities to address the challenges they are facing in a protracted period of rising inflation and deepening poverty.

According to the organisation, the primary objective of the food drive initiative is to feed 200 households by providing essential sustenance to those in need within the community, addressing food insecurity and alleviating hunger.

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It added that the food drive aims to ensure that vulnerable families have access to nutritious meals and can meet their basic nutritional requirements.

“The issue of food security and access to nutritious meals remains an escalating concern in many communities in Nigeria,” Juliet Odogwu, chairperson, IAVPP said in a statement.

“With our mission deeply rooted in eradicating hunger, Action For the Vulnerable is commemorating World Food Day in a meaningful way by launching a Food Drive project in Ruga Community, FCT.”

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“I believe it is our collective obligation to contribute to underserved communities around us and ensure that no one should go to bed hungry.”

The organisation stated that it believed that poverty is one of the root causes of crime, violence, sicknesses, poor education, discrimination, and death, which is prevalent in developing countries such as Nigeria.

“We aim to aid the vulnerable – men, women, and children to achieve their full potential, live productive lives and make an impact in the world. We aspire to eliminate the injustice of poverty and give the vulnerable a chance at living!”

Speaking also, Juliana Okoro, executive director, IAVPP said Nigeria has a high prevalence of hunger, quoting the UN, she noted that 25 million Nigerians are at risk of facing hunger and it is projected to increase.

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“There is an urgent need to take immediate action. By organizing this food drive during this time, we aim to emphasize that our actions, no matter how small, contribute to the global efforts to achieve Zero Hunger.”

“Our goal is not only to address immediate needs within our community but also to emphasise our commitment to the broader vision of achieving Zero Hunger globally.”

“This charitable effort not only offers immediate relief but also fosters a sense of community, empathy, and support, helping to create a stronger, more compassionate society that takes care of its most vulnerable members.”

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