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Home » Nigeria @ 63: NNPP chieftain salutes citizens, tasks govt on improved welfare

Nigeria @ 63: NNPP chieftain salutes citizens, tasks govt on improved welfare

A chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has congratulated Nigerians’ steadfastness in the midst of challenging times.

Ajadi, who gave the commendation as part of his independence anniversary message, urged government at all levels to urgently improve the welfare of citizens, noting that the recent times have particularly been challenging and that Nigerians deserve commendation for their steadfastness.

Bemoaning the skyrocketing prices of goods and services, he expressed disappointment that this would again deny Nigerians the opportunity of celebrating an event as epochal as their independence anniversary.

“It is indeed worrisome and a thing of concern that rather than celebrate this anniversary of nationhood, Nigerians across states and zones are left to groan and complain,” he said.

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He noted that the economy had been biting harshly and insecurity growing worse.

Ajadi noted that the masses could not afford to be celebrating the anniversary when there is no food in their stomachs, no money in their pockets and worse, left to battle banditry, armed robbery and other kinds of insecurity.

“All of the above problems are a sign of a failure of government.

“It is the job of the government to create jobs so that the citizens can work and have a means of sustenance.

“It is the duty of government to provide infrastructure, secure lives and property, provide incentives for entrepreneurs to create jobs for people to earn a living and be happy. But what do we have presently?

“In addition to bad roads, lack of electricity, no jobs and no safety of lives, Nigerian citizens also face injustice in the form of manipulated election results. That is terrible,” the politician said..
All of these, he added, have made the independence anniversary, another period of gloom and groaning rather than that of excitement for the people.

Ajadi, a youth lover, opinion leader as well as philanthropist, said it was in the bid to bring succour to the generality of the people that he joined politics.

He enjoined the Nigerian electorate not to lose hope given the many years of betrayal of truth by the old brigade and selfish politicians, but rather believe the positive change in the nearest future.
“Even as we commemorate this anniversary, my appeal to Nigerians is never to lose hope. Instead, the failure of past governments to provide good governance should rather strengthen their resolve and faith in a better Nigeria.
“I believe in it, and that’s why I am in the struggle towards the emergence of good governance, not just in our dear state, Ogun but dear country Nigeria.

“I also implore other patriotic Nigerians to follow suit,” he said.

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Ajadi also gave an illustration with South Africa which though remained in colonial bondage for several decades, eventually became independent because of the commitment of the people.

He said the much-needed economic and industrial liberation for Nigeria could only be made possible by consistency of the people for good political leadership.

“So, as I salute Nigerians at independence, I most importantly appeal to all of us not to despair. I also appeal to our political leaders to give us good governance and ensure improvement in the life of the citizenry. This is the whole essence of leadership,” he said.

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