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Nigeria needs a new constitution to address its challenges, says Anyaoku

Emeka Anyaoku, former Commonwealth Secretary-General, said  Nigeria needs a new constitution to address the ongoing challenges facing the country.

Anyaoku made this call during the 2023 convocation lecture at Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, titled “Management of Diversity: A Challenge to Governance in Pluralistic Countries.”

Anyaoku, in his address, said that Nigeria’s diversity was effectively managed during the early years of independence. However, the 1966 military coup disrupted the country’s unity, leading to inter-regional tensions and a decline in security and economic development.

He lamented the current state of the country, characterized by unprecedented divisiveness, economic difficulties, insecurity, and a deteriorating infrastructure. Anyaoku stressed the need for a new constitution developed by Nigerians to bring about the required transformation.

The former Commonwealth Secretary also called upon President Bola Tinubu to convene a national constituent assembly for drafting a new constitution, considering the provisions of the 1963 and 1999 constitutions, along with the recommendations of the 2014 national conference. Anyaoku’s plea is for a constitution created by the people of Nigeria to address the nation’s challenges comprehensively.

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