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Nigeria targets robust economy with digitalisation, says Bosun Tijani

Bosun Tijani, minister of communication, innovation and digital economy has reaffirmed the need for Nigeria to embrace digital transformation in building a robust economy.

Tijani disclosed this on Tuesday while speaking on the topic: “Tech-Forwarding: Catalysing Sustainable Development through Digital Transformation” at the 29th Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).

He said the need for digital transformation is part of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu -led administration’s goal for renewed hope agenda.

Digital transformation leads to more information, increased productivity, better data-driven decisions and a wider client reach for small and medium scale businesses.

The minister reemphasised that to build a robust economy, there is a need to embrace digital transformation. According to him, this is vital for job creation, and it enhances inclusivity.

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There is general consensus that digitalisation plays a foundational role similar to the role other public infrastructures played in earlier industrialisation, and investments in it is a necessary condition to be part of the global knowledge economy.

Digital technology comes with tremendous opportunities to accelerate progress on the sustainable development goals, and can also widen socioeconomic gaps in a developing economy like Nigeria.

To achieve this , the country need both physical technology such as broadband networks as well as digital platforms and capabilities such as identity systems and payment rails

He cited the Smart Nation initiative in Singapore which introduced a wide range of projects, such as smart transportation, smart energy and smart healthcare, and has resulted in more liveable cities.

“These infrastructure have been adjudged to have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of government services, reduced corruption, boosted economic growth and created a more efficient, liveable, and sustainable city, among others,” he said.

The future he reiterated is digital, because it will define how people live, work and relate with each other. Hence, it is imperative that Nigeria began to inculcate the importance of digital economy inclusion in building a robust economy.

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