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Nigerian drug kingpin arrested in India

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai has seized narcotics worth $18 million and arrested nine individuals in three separate operations targeting inter-state and international narcotics trafficking networks, including a Nigerian national named Paul Ikenna.

Ikenna was previously arrested twice by the NCB for drug trafficking but was not deported after serving his jail term. He was arrested again on September 2, 2023, after the NCB seized 6.95 kg of cocaine and 199.25 kg of Alprazolam, a pharmaceutical-based medicine used for recreational purposes, from his home in Navi Mumbai.

The NCB is investigating the role of stakeholders in the system who may have been negligent in allowing Ikenna to open a bank account and rent an accommodation despite his criminal record.

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The NCB also arrested eight other individuals, including three foreign nationals, in the three operations. The agency said that the drugs were being trafficked from foreign sources into Mumbai for further distribution to other cities in India.

The NCB’s deputy director general (southwest and south regions), SK Singh, said the agency is committed to cracking down on drug trafficking and bringing the perpetrators to justice. He also urged the public to come forward with any information about drug trafficking activities.

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