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Osun state officials brace for ’emergency-only’ foreign trips

Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke has taken decisive measures aimed at fiscal prudence and enhancing administrative efficiency within his administration.

During a high-level meeting with members of the State Executive Council, held in preparation for the Medium Term Expenditure Framework submission to the State House of Assembly, Governor Adeleke unveiled a series of directives.

Foremost among these directives is the suspension of foreign trips for top officials of his administration for the remainder of the year, with exceptions only being made in cases of emergency.

This move is designed to curtail unnecessary spending and channel resources towards essential state functions.

Governor Adeleke also emphasized the need for enhanced governance processes, instructing the Head of Service, Mr. Leye Aina, to draft a memo outlining the relationship between commissioners and special advisers. This directive seeks to foster greater efficiency and collaboration within the state’s administrative apparatus.

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In a statement issued by the governor’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, the governor reiterated the importance of financial prudence. Adeleke underlined the necessity of avoiding excessive expenditure on recurrent and overhead costs as the state grapples with financial constraints.

He called upon all members of his administration to demonstrate a willingness to make personal sacrifices in light of the state’s challenging financial situation.

Furthermore, Governor Adeleke stressed the importance of due diligence in the budget preparation and elucidated key policy directives that will govern the state’s affairs.

Among the notable points raised was the requirement for special advisers’ memos to pass through the permanent secretary to the commissioners, ensuring a streamlined decision-making process. Additionally, the commissioners were tasked with ensuring fairness and an accommodating spirit in the execution of their duties.

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