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Toba Subair joins ForbesBLK to empower black businesses

Toba Subair, founder, Tripperzway, in the bid to support and empower the Black business community achieved membership in the ForbesBLK community.

ForbesBLK, an exclusive platform within the Forbes network, is well-known for its commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth among accomplished Black business professionals. It provides a unique space for networking, mentorship, and advancement.

“My involvement in this distinguished community promises to broaden my horizons, providing unparalleled opportunities to engage with industry experts, enhance knowledge, and forge alliances that will propel both enterprises and the Black business community forward,” said Subair who is also the co-founder of iTech Homes and Properties.

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“I take this step into the realm of ForbesBLK, I stand as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, with my dedication, vision, and perseverance we can break barriers and open doors to influential circles,” he continued. “This achievement not only celebrates success but also augments the visibility and representation of Black leaders in the business world.

“I call for diversity, equity, and inclusion in every sector and I will use this role to champion good collaboration, innovation and empowerment among young entrepreneurs in the country,” he said.

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