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Tomi Favored’s new release inspires hope and worship

Tomi Favored, a Nigerian-American gospel artist recently released her new single, “Jesus Na You.” The track embodies a powerful expression of gratitude, hope, and unwavering faith in God.

“It is an inspiring song that beautifully captures the essence of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness,” she said in an interview. “It captures the essence of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, offering a unique musical experience that resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impression. The song’s message also encourages listeners to trust and give thanks to the Almighty, making it a standout addition to Tomi Favored’s impressive discography.”

Tomi Favored is celebrated not only as a singer and songwriter but also as a speaker and worship leader. Married to saxophonist Seyi Alesh, with young children, she serves as part of the pastoral leadership team of the youth church, “The Gathering” at RCCG Dominion Chapel Houston.

Her musical portfolio includes over 100 written songs, seven albums, a spoken word album, and numerous collaborations with notable gospel artists. Some of her significant collaborations include “Awamaridi” and “Faithful” with Nathaniel Bassey, and “Passover (Tafi)” and “He Fights for Me” with TY Bello.