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Top 10 countries the highest air accidents 

Aviation Safety Net released a list of 25 countries with the highest number of fatal commercial aircraft accidents from 1945 until the present.
The real-time data excludes military accidents, corporate jets, hijackings, and other criminal occurrences.

In this article, BusinessDay highlights 10 countries with the most aviation accidents in the world are as follows.

1. United States  

The number of plane accidents in the United States over the years reached 870 cases, with a death toll of 10,846 people. One of the more well-known instances of a plane crash in the US occurred in 1996. The Paris-bound Boeing 747 TWA Flight 800 from New York’s JFK International Airport crashed off the coast of Long Island, New York.

2. Russia

Russia recorded up to 544 cases of airplane accidents with fatalities reaching 8,505 people. One of them was Aeroflot Flight 3352, which was regularly scheduled from Krasnodar to Novosibirsk, which crashed into a maintenance vehicle on the runway at Omsk Airport on Thursday, October 11, 1984.

3. Brazil

In third place is Brazil, which has a total of 193 plane crashes over the years, with 2,740 fatalities. One example of such an accident was TAM Airlines Flight 3054, a domestic flight from Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo, which crashed into a TAM Express warehouse, adjacent to a Shell gas station, on July 17, 2007.

4. Canada

An Air Canada plane skidded in Halifax on Saturday, March 29, 2015, injuring 25 people. The flight counted to the long list of airplane accidents in Canada with a total of 191 cases. The number of fatalities since 1945 amounted to 1,800 people.

5. Colombia

With 185 cases and 2,932 fatalities, Colombia is on the list of countries with the highest number of plane accidents. One accident with hundreds of casualties in Colombia occurred in 1995, when American Airlines Flight 965 from Miami, Florida, to Cali, turned over an Andean mountain peak at an altitude of about 8,900 feet.

6. United Kingdom

British European Airways Flight 548 flying from London Heathrow to Brussels crashed near Staines, UK, on June 18, 1972, killing 118 people onboard. The plane crash was one of the most fatal cases out of a total of 110 aeroplane accidents in the UK, with a death toll of 1,298 people.
7. Indonesia

Indonesia is reported to have had a total of 106 plane accidents, with 2,305 fatalities. One of the deadliest accidents was experienced in 2007 by Adam Air which crashed in the sea off the coast of Sulawesi. As a result, the airline was then banned from flying.
8. France

The number of aeroplane accidents in France since 1945 has reached 105 cases, which claimed 2,246 lives. One incident occurred on Air France Flight 447. The plane, heading to Paris, crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009.

9. Mexico

Aeromexico Flight 453 headed to Benito Juarez International Airport, Mexico crashed next to the runway on July 15, 2014. A total of 102 passengers and 8 crew members of the Boeing 737-500 aircraft died. This incident also adds to the long list of plane crashes in Mexico with 102 cases, with a total of 1,287 fatalities.

10. India

With 95 cases and 2,352 fatalities, India is on the list of countries with the highest number of aeroplane accidents. One of the most fatal incidents occurred when Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763 and Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907 collided in the skies of Charkhi Dadri, India, on November 12, 1996.