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Top 10 list of US agricultural exports to Nigeria

Despite having the potential to become an agricultural powerhouse, Nigeria, the giant of Africa, has a large portion of its land untilled. During the 45th meeting of the National Council on Agriculture and Rural Development, Mohammad Abubakar, former Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, revealed that 56% of the 79 million hectares of agricultural land lay fallow in 2022, with only 44% being cultivated. He also stated that less than 7% of the country’s total irrigable area is being utilized.

With a population of over 200 million, the country cannot produce enough food to sustain its population, hence the need to resort to importation. The United States stands as one of Nigeria’s primary sources for importation.

In 2022, the United States exported $631.45 million (₦757,740,000,000) worth of agricultural produce to Nigeria, highlighting its rank as the 38th on the list of top markets for U.S. agricultural exports.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), here are the top ten agricultural exports to Nigeria in 2022

Wheat topped the list as the most exported agro product with a total value of $481.67 million (₦578,004,000,000).

Ethanol (Non-Beverage)
With a total value of $58.83 million (₦70,596,000,000), ethanol used for various industrial purposes was the second most exported agro product.

Food Preparations
These products, which include various ingredients, canned foods and processed foods, had a total value of $23.17 million (₦27,804,000,000).

Wine and Related Products
Nigeria’s love for luxury and sophistication gave this product a total value of $19.75 million (₦23,700,000,000).

Fish and Seafood
The US exported $12.82 million (₦15,384,000,000) worth of fish and seafood to Nigeria.

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Other Intermediate Products
This covers various items, from industrial materials to components used in various manufacturing processes, and was valued at $9.08 million (₦10,896,000,000).

Distilled Spirits
The U.S. exported distilled spirits valued at $6.24 million (₦7,488,000,000) in 2022.

Essential Oils
Valued at $3.7 million (₦4,440,000,000), essential oils used in various applications, including cosmetics and aromatherapy found their way to Nigeria from the U.S.

Dairy Products
Dairy lovers from the United States enjoyed $2.24 million (₦2,688,000,000) worth of dairy products, such as milk and cheese.

The United States exported tobacco worth $2.08 million (₦2,496,000,000) to Nigeria. While tobacco use is a health concern, the export value shows its global demand.

These top ten exports from the US to Nigeria in 2022 showcase the diverse array of goods that flow between the two countries. These trade boost economies and strengthen the bilateral relationship between both countries.

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