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VFD Microfinance Bank Launches “Enabling You to Achieve” Campaign to Drive Customer Success and Economic Growth

A leading microfinance bank in Nigeria, VFD Microfinance Bank is proud to announce the launch of its new brand campaign, “Enabling You to Achieve.” This campaign underscores the bank’s commitment to contributing to the growth of the Nigerian economy by empowering businesses operating in a number of strategic sectors.

The Brand’sPromise: Enabling You To Achieve

VFD Microfinance Bank’s brand promise is simple yet profound: to ensure the fulfillment of the customers’ goals. With the “Enabling You to Achieve” campaign which is centered around the acronym A.C.H.I.E.V.E, VFD MFB is reinforcing its dedication to providing comprehensive support and innovative solutions that help its customers, and represents a powerful vision of a growth–driven equitable future that we hope to achieve collectively for Nigeria. Each letter represents a critical component of the bank’s vision, and together they create a roadmap of the bank’s key impact areas for progress in Nigeria:


A – Agriculture
C – Clean Energy
H – Her / Women
I – Innovation / Tech
E – Education
V – Vehicle / Mobility
E – Entrepreneurship

Speaking about the brand campaign, Rotimi Awofisibe, Managing Director of VFD Microfinance bank said “”The ‘Enabling You to Achieve’ campaign is a significant milestone in our mission at VFD Microfinance Bank to drive positive change and empower our customers. By focusing on Agriculture, Clean Energy, Women, Innovation, Education, Mobility, and Entrepreneurship, we are dedicated to building a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow for Nigeria.” He went on to say that “Each letter of A.C.H.I.E.V.E represents a critical component of our vision, creating a roadmap for our impact areas in Nigeria.

Also Speaking about the brand campaign, Yonodu Okeugo, the General Manager for Sales and Partnership mentioned some of the Key Partnerships the bank has entered into and Initiatives it has embarked on and the milestones it has achieved in pursuing it’s A.C.H.I.E.V.E objectives.

VFD Microfinance Bank partnered with Autochek to make car ownership more accessible and affordable for businesses and consumers in Nigeria. This collaboration addresses economic challenges by offering market-leading financing options and ensuring customers can access the vehicles they need with affordable monthly repayments.

With its partnership with Zowasel, the bank has provided and is providing credits to smallholder farmers. This initiative establishes access to affordable credit and promotes sustainable agricultural practices. To date, the bank has supported 300 farmers.

With EduPoint, VFD Microfinance Bank is contributing to the revolutionization of the education sector by providing access and opportunities for learners in Nigeria. This collaboration with Edupoint aims to promote STEM and digital education, making quality education accessible to all.

Since the inception of its collaboration with the Music Business Academy for Africa, VFD Microfinance Bank has sponsored 100 women to learn and master the African music business landscape. This is in line with their ACHIEVE brand position which focuses on empowering women to contribute their gifts and talents to the African workforce.

Ms. Yonodu Okeugo also stated that the bank has supported businesses in the clean energy space.

VFD Microfinance Bank combines digital solutions and flexibility with traditional banking experience to understand and address financial needs of individuals and businesses.