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Watch:Top 10 street foods saving Nigerian lives

Street food is an essential part of the culture. It’s delicious, affordable, and widely available.
Beyond satisfying your cravings, street food has been a major means of survival, especially during hard times.

Here are 10 street foods that have been saving Nigerian lives

1. Suya


Suya is grilled beef or ram with onions, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, and cabbage. It’s typically served in old newspapers.

2. Ewa agoyin

ewa agoyin

Ewa agoyin is made by boiling beans until it becomes very soft and messy. The mashed beans is served with a spicy sauceIt’s often served with Agege bread.

3. Abacha


Abacha is a popular food in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is a blend of  dried cassava and vegetables, like garden egg, onion, African oil bean seed, and utazi leaves. It also contains proteins like meat, fish, and crayfish.

4. Boli


Boli is roasted plantain. It’s often served with a pepper sauce filled with meat, ponmo, and grilled fish.

5. Akara


Akara is a deep-fried, crunchy bean cake. It is commonly eaten with bread or pap.

6. Moi Moi


Moi moi is a steamed bean pudding. It’s often garnished with egg and fish

7. Roasted yam


Roasted yam is a popular street food in Nigeria. It’s often eaten with beef-filled pepper sauce.

8. Fried yam

fried yam

Fried yam,or dundun, is another version of yam on the street. Like roasted yam, you can eat it alone or with pepper sauce.

9. Puff Puff

puff puff

Puff Puff  is a spongy, deep-fried brownish snack. It’s made from flour, yeast, butter, eggs, and vegetable oil.

10. Agege bread

agege bread

Agege bread is soft, white, and dense from Lagos, Nigeria. It is often served with butter or ewa agoyin, a spicy bean stew.

Watch the 10 street foods that have been saving Nigerian lives

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