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What most Nigerians wish for

When a call for transparency, responsibility, accountability and integrity has smacked a semblance of evangelism and Pentecostalism, then the few privileged, bequeathed elites has mimicked criminality and rascality as a desirable template for enthronement. The potentate has drunk heavily of his lust, desires and estimation. The country is plunged into unforeseen rascality and recklessness. The roadside mechanic imagines evil every time to sustain life and existence. ₦500 cannot cover for the lunch snacks of Day-students.

There is no famine but the citizens cannot have food to eat. The ads in Nigeria talk about prison experience where food and water are free. This has taken over the imagination of folks who has found life demeaned and unceremoniously handicapped. The spiritualists and mediums are pleading with the portents to delay destruction and insist on 50 righteous Nigerians as a subterfuge. Spiritism is in vogue and sacrifices are carried out each and every day by individual citizens to figure out a solution to the hardship and setbacks.

Matter of fact, the critical condition has defied solution. “What are you going to the world court to do, they would ask him. Is it not the same Britain and America that would give judgment? Nigeria does not just have brent crude oil, the Bonny light and sweet oil in Nigeria can always satisfy the world powers. One man is ambitious and desperate to control the resources of the country. He has acquired wealth, distributed and enticed all probable bottlenecks. Prior to 2015, Nigeria was a graceful land. You could imagine what the yuletide and seasonal celebrations looked like. Throughout the Eastern states, you could hear of bazaar; philanthropy and charity taken over the enclave from the 25th of December every year.

Besides, Nigeria is not just controlled by the Northern oligarchs; evil, impunity and desperation is in the air. Merit and hard work are already sidelined. The pubs, clubs, event centres are occupied by ritualists who relish abundance in the midst of scarcity. ‘Could you just keep quiet and allow things to be’, someone would ask. ‘Is it not their time to shine? Why would you still talk about a better Nigeria? The purveyors of a New Nigeria are being illusive. Can’t they just face reality? Nigeria was bought over and nosedived in 2015. The will of the electorate and masses in 2023 cannot change anything. After thirty years of holding on to power, the party would have had accumulated enough wealth, then your prayers and divine invitation and intervention could have a little meaning. Would you be told that there is war in Nigeria? The raging battle in Nigeria is not just physical, academic nor intellectual, all the spiritual covens are activated. The judges may not see what is in black and white. Do you blame them? A principality has risen and he is in total control. The siphoning of funds started immediately the ruling party took over and the federal reserves are all depleted.

However, when the kingmaker was seriously preparing ground for his entrance, the secret events of Aso Rock could not be uttered, nor made to be heard if not ears would tingle. The various government institutions and agencies were marooned into decrepitude and decay. Most humanitarian services of honest individuals had ceased. The economy was bastardized. Business ventures do not pay nor yield profits. It became a one-man or one-party show. From 2019, importers became misanthropists. Everyone cared about how to survive. A breath of fresh air was been anticipated in 2023, but the agreement with the hegemonic North must be kept.

Indefinitely, the spirit of mirth and merriment is gone. The spirit of melancholy and funerals is back. Nuptial knots no longer end in honeymoon.

Do we call them knaves? It’s like a big cobra that comes in the middle of the night; killed the hen and swallowed the eggs. Not many are getting drunk nowadays. We do not find some sleeping inside the gutters and having a hang-over. It favours only the rich; we were told and the pump price of petrol was raised to ₦700. Now, the subsidy is back according to marketers and a litre of PMS is about to clock ₦900. Innocent citizens must pay the price for the imperialists, power-hungry, desperados, and shenanigans to grow rich and flourish.

Unfortunately, there is weeping, mourning and sorrowing in every street, motor-parks, neighbourhoods and junctions. Many are moping, gazing and intruding without finding anything nor getting any meaning for their sustenance. Day-time robbery, bewitchment, hypnosis and attack is back. Theft, pilfering and stealing is a means of survival. Dark corners in Onitsha, Lagos and Abuja are not only the dangerous arena. Every nook and cranny are safe area for robbery. Why would the Police? Do they get their returns? Considerations are going on to remodel the image of Nigeria within and abroad. If the presidency can be enmeshed in such corruption and aberration, you can always do what you can and get away with it. Do you love your life? Better stay away; clear and stay alive.

Evidently, Ak-47 was rampant throughout the administration of the bigots and nepotists. Fulani herders rampaged the middle belt and whole of South. Those days, as blood flowed, the Senate was busy passing a bill on open grazing. Rise in crime and insecurity serenaded the atmosphere. Some boys in the East operated with Ak-49. The remnants of late Prof. Dora Akunyili threw in their life. Lawmakers and potential-driven personalities had their head beheaded in a very gruesome and painful death. Suicide rates got higher at that time just as we are overtaken by evils presently.

Conversely, the government seeks autonomy to all levels of education. Sectors with critical indices to development which developed countries still give paramount attention are purely neglected. Revenue and tax remittance is key in holding on to power. Nobodies who are poor and beggarly cannot qualify for any sensitive position in Nigeria. Do you know any politician from the North? Are you in communication with any senator, governor or federal lawmaker? If no, what then do you seek? You do not deserve any attention in any agency, parastatal or government office without such back-up.

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Virtually, entertainers are losing their lives and musicians are being killed. Social media bullying has gone spiritual and endemic. Do you have the money to get whatever you want in Nigeria? Throughout the whole federation, only few roads in some states are motorable. The ruling party has given governance a new face with their stock-in-trade. The vindictiveness and vendetta amongst political office holders with enterprising citizens who had set up a genuine means of income is unpardonable. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is what we hear.

In addition, Nigerian citizens are never rebellious. The first time Nigerians rebelled, it led to a civil war and so far, everyone has maintained a level-playing ground. What can you do? What do you have? And how do you intend to fight someone who holds the knife and the yam? Notably, the subservient attitude of the Nigerian masses has kept them dying, suffering and crying. Nobody wants to die. Other regions of the country mock and taunt the Biafrans. ‘Do something again and we would treat you in the language you will understand’. It may be a threat or a promise but the fulfilment is not far-fetched.

Finally, Nigeria belongs to somebody or some people. It’s not a country you can wake up, struggle and succeed without assistance, recognition or approval from the powers that be. Do you still consider Nigeria as a country of your own? Congregation are becoming fewer in churches because big daddies and their big gods depend entirely on the power holders. It is a matter of do what you can to survive; only do not be caught. The systemic and endemic corruption gives hope to a lot of mindless scoundrels. Ways have been made for wimps, never-do-wells to break-even. The atmosphere is filled with something uncanny, strange and worrisome occurrences. The treachery and the great disappointment of February 25th 2023 notwithstanding, everyone goes about his normal business. Even with the deceit and exposure of certificate forgery in the highest order, it has been subsumed into the national life and the judiciary cannot be fingered. Nobody cares about what you are passing through and no one will give you free entrance into the various correctional centres. You must bribe the prison wardens before you could be allowed to see a loved one. This is the major reason most prison inmates suffer loneliness throughout their years in prison.

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