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Would you dare to dine at one of these weird restaurants?

Have you ever considered going to restaurants where the rules of “normal” are tossed out the window? Imagine dining in a restaurant where robots serve you or your food is delivered by a rollercoaster rather than a routine waiter.

It’s time to experience dining on the edge, where the cuisine is wonderfully odd and good. Prepare yourself for a culinary trip unlike any other, where the word “ordinary” does not exist, and every visit promises to be a journey into the extraordinary.

Disaster Café
At the Disaster Café located in Lloret de Mar, Spain, a 7.8 earthquake is part of the menu. The diners get to experience the simulated earthquake as they enjoy their meal while trying to keep their balance.

Cabbages and Condoms
This non-profit restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, takes an unconventional approach to promoting safe sex and family planning. Tables are adorned with condoms, and you even find a series of life-sized mannequins made with condoms: Father Christmas, a jolly red condom, Father Christmas, and Captain Condom, a bride with her ruffled skirt made from snow-white sheathes.

The Heart Attack Grill
The Heart Attack Grill is an American hamburger restaurant in downtown Las Vegas. Burgers are named after cardiac arrest symptoms, and customers who weigh over 350 pounds eat for free. The restaurant is hospital-themed, where the waiters and waitresses dress as nurses and doctors, respectively and dietary caution is thrown out the window.

Dans Le Noir
Dans Le Noir, the French word for “In the dark”, is a restaurant where guests are served in total darkness. Diners’ sense of sight is ripped away, and they are left to rely on their other senses. Diners are also served by either blind or visually impaired waitstaff.

Modern Toilet
The Modern Toilet restaurant is a unique toilet-themed restaurant located in Taiwan. The restaurant’s decor includes toilets as seats and sinks as tables, while dishes are served in miniature toilet bowls and urinals.

In May of 2018, a confused customer defecated in the non-functional toilet seating at the southern Hong Kong location, causing the restaurant to be evacuated and closed for 2 weeks.

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New Lucky Restaurant
Ever wanted to have lunch with ghosts? Well, in Ahmedabad, you can enjoy your meals right next to actual graves. The owner, Krishnan Kutti, thought it was better to serve up tasty treats next to an old Muslim graveyard than disturb the resting place of the unnamed souls. Surprisingly, there has been no sight of ghosts. So,if you are up for an adventurous dining experience the next time you are in India, be sure to stop by.

Ice Restaurant
The Ice restaurant located in Dubai, offers a frosty surprise. Diners can enjoy their meal surrounded by an icy world of sculptures, seats, tables and decorations.

Dick’s Last Resort
Dick’s Last Resort, located in the United States, is a chain of restaurants known for their rude and obnoxious staff. The restaurant’s motto is “If you’re easily offended, stay home”, and their staff is trained to be as insulting as possible to customers. Dick’s Last Resort staff are known for making rude jokes, insulting customers, and throwing napkins and other objects at them.

They may also call customers names, make fun of their appearance, or even spill food on them. However, it is all fun; customers are expected to play along. If a customer gets offended by the staff’s behaviour, they are always welcome to leave. Imagine an African mother in this restaurant.

From restaurants where you dine in the dark to restaurants where you dine with ghosts, the world is a whole of weird and fantastic dining experiences. So next time you feel adventurous, why not dare dine at one of these weird restaurants? You might just be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

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